Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Return of the General

Gen. Wesley Clark has just set up a new Web site to use to speak out on issues, raise money for various political causes and keep his own presidential options alive for 2008.

It even includes a blog (of course!), called WesBlog.  His first and as of this writing only post there says in part:

Part of our new vision for America is new strategy for national defense. So far, this administration's strategy hasn't been productive.

Osama Bin Laden is still on the loose, Pakistan has nuclear weapons, and the middle east remains unstable. These challenges demand a new vision for America.

My experience tells me there are three parts to resolving international tension and conflicts. First, we need to maximize diplomatic measures so that the world community speaks with one voice to represent the values of liberty, democracy and capitalism. Second, we need to commit to understanding the regional and local political situations, so we can walk a mile in the shoes of our adversaries and better understand the pressures they face. This understanding helps us arrive at the best solutions. Lastly, and only lastly, comes military force. The United States military is the best in the world and will accomplish whatever goals we set out for them -- but they are not equipped to do it all and do it alone. Nor should we be putting them in that position. They deserve better -- we all do.

Okay, so it's pretty general stuff.  But I'm sure it will get more substantive as time goes on.

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fdtate714 said...

It may not get much more substantive.  If he's planning another run in 2008, he might not want to say too much to give potential opponents ammo to run against him.  Sounds like another interesting blog to keep an eye on though...