Monday, March 14, 2005

Chuckie Watch 91: How much of a bigot is Chuckie really?

Chuckie is Nashville's wannabe guru of Patriotic Correctness. And Chuckie loves, loves, loves our soldiers and any war Bush the Liberator of Peoples may come up with.

Chuckie also brags about how proud he is to be able to play for the troops in places like Guantanamo and Kosovo. And this year, the folks that run the Super Bowl had him as a pregame act, presumably finding him much more wholesome than Janet Jackson's boob.

But just what sort of wholesome values does Chuckie believe in, this guy who the Army gives credibility and exposure to active duty soldiers as an entertainer, and who had his all-American image burnished by the barons of the Super Bowl? As goofy as he is, Chuckie has fans who takes his political opinions seriously. Check out the letters at his Soapbox Forum for examples. (Since even the e-mail addresses for some of the writers aren't identified, the authenticity of these message is subject to question.)

Well, for one thing, Chuckie has the Bad News (03/11/05)for us that pretty much any media outlets that aren't FOX News or OxyContin radio are pretty much America-hating Commies. Referring to the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN, he says:

Oh and while you’re at it you may as well check The Daily Worker. I think you’d be about as likely to find positive news about Iraq there as any of the other outlets I mentioned.

For those of you who may not spend a lot of spare time reading old John Birch Society pamphlets, the Daily Worker was at one time the newspaper of the US Communist Party. Now, somewhere in the fog of my memory, it seems to me that the name of that paper was changed to the Daily World about, oh, 30 or 40 years ago.

I did a quick search on and found this entry at Wikipedia that says the Daily Worker published from 1924 to1957. I guess ole Chuckie's a little behind the times. Somebody should clue him in to this whole concept of the "search engine." Thanks to the Internet, any one who wants to check out current Communist Party literature can find the People's Weekly World newspaper and Political Affairs magazine online, as well as the Party's Web site.

Do you get bad marks from Homeland Security for accessing those sites? I mean, Communists are not exactly the same thing as Islamic jihadists, after all. But if the men in black suits show up to ask you about it, just explain to them that you were trying to find extra documentation for Chuckie's claim so that you can help show how the Ministry of Truth (FOX News) is the only reliable source of information for patriotic red-blooded Amurcans.

I'm afraid, though, that anyone not heavily dosed with OxyContin will be able to imagine that an article like this one, Another grim marker reached in Iraq People's Weekly World 03/12/05, actually sounds anything like the typical report on CNN or CBS.

By the way, Chuckie tells us that despite all the Commie media reports that things are going fine in Iraq. Even Hillary Clinton thinks so, he says. I'm sure relieved to hear that. Our troops should be coming home any day now.

I wonder if Chuckie shares sentiments like the following from Nazis (03/04/05) when he's hanging around with active-duty American soldiers?

As we know, Chuckie's been hearin' about this here Ward Churchill feller. And Chuckie don't like it. Chuckie even has an idea about how to deal with him, conceived in an obvious spirit of Christian love:

Let me pose a hypothetical question to Churchill’s apologists.

What if someone took a high powered rifle, stood at a distance and shot Churchill between the eyes while he was making one of his speeches on the premise that they disagreed with him politically.

And what if a lot of people in this country said that Churchill got what he deserved. How would you feel about that? And what would be the difference between their comments about Churchill and Churchill’s comments about the victims of 9-11?

Now, Chuckie's clearly one of many, many blowhard old Southern white guys who bravely fantasize about creative ways to inflict violence and death on others. Not many of them actually act on it.

But this ain't just good-ole-boy rhetoric. It's the kind of violent talk that is becoming more and more respectable among our superpatriots. And you have to really wonder, is this the kind of guy the Army should be giving extra credibility among soldiers and veterans by having him play for American troops? I don't know exactly the financial arrangements in which Chuckie's concerts for the troops take place, or whether he explictly agrees not to talk his Klan-like politics when he's making those appearances. But for what kind of people is this kind of thing Patriotic Correctness?

One fan (with no e-mail address given) writing in to his Soapbox Forum responds:

I wholeheartedly agree with Charlie when he asks Ward's supporters, how would you like it if someone killed Ward and then said that it was OK because he deserved to die? How is that any different? Oh wait, I know how it is different, because Ward is one of those arrogant, "educated" liberal elitists who thinks his defecation doesn't stink, and that he has somehow been given dominion over all the poor, dumb, unwashed masses (ie: anyone who doesn't think like Ward and his liberal cronies, and conservatives in general) and can tell us what to do and what to think. That makes Ward sound more like Adoph Eichmann than anyone in the Towers!! You pompous asses on the left have become SO CONVINCED of your superiority over the rest of us that you don't even have enough sense to know when you are actually wrong about something. And you give undying loyalty and support to people like Ward, no matter what kind of drivel spews from their sewer filled mouths, just because they are on your "side"!! You never even bother to wonder if your "people" might be wrong!! Amazing that you can't even exercise enough wisdom and common sense to know the difference between those who make policies, and those who simply work in the building. If you are angry at Amercia's foreign policy, what does that have to do with all the folks in the Towers who were just going to work on a September day?? Hey Ward, I and many other hardworking members of law abiding society happen to find it disgusting amd morally reprehensible that certain football players and coaches are wrappped up in a big sex scandal there at ole' U of C, so should we just assume that you are part of that and should be brought up on charges and go to jail for rape along with those others? After all, you work there!!! By applying YOUR own brand of convaluted logic to the situation, that makes you a deviant and a rapist and as guilty as anyone else there! People like you make me sick! You have been in academia and out of the real world for so long, and are so out of touch with reality and the inner workings of the average American's mind, that you can't even begin to understand how stupid you sound. You would do well to go back to your books and your Powerpoints and your little office in whatever ivy covered building you work in and keep your stupid mouth shut. Leave the important stuff like thinking to those of us who know how!!

Yep, people not corrupted by them there public schools and colleges and stuff really know how to thank clear, don't they?


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happyb8888 said...

LOL  Isn't it great being a liberal?  At least we don't have our government agencies prepackage news articles and pass them off as real news.  Geeze Louise.

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