Sunday, March 27, 2005

Chuckie Watch 94: Chuckie thanks Republican judges are enemies of God

Of course, Chuckie had to weigh in on the Terri Schiavo case: God's Business 03/25/05.  And, as us regular Chuckie readers would have expected, Chuckie don't waste no time on compassionate thoughts for the dilemmas of those involved.

After a little foaming at the mouth about the ACLU - which seems to be a particular bugaboo for Chuckie; maybe he's still upset about how they were advocating for school integration fifty years ago? - Chuckie starts looking at what these here judges have been up to.

And Chuckie don't like it.

Chuckie says:

Why are the judges so anxious to kill her? ...

And who will be playing God in these cases-why the judges, of course.

It is obvious to anybody who is willing to be reasonable that our judicial system is totally out of control, ignoring not only congressional directives but the wishes of the people they are sworn to serve. ...

Did you ever wonder why the Ted Kennedys and Barbara Boxers are trying so hard to block the President’s judicial nominations?

Well stop and consider this, they know they can’t get their radical programs through the Senate and Congress, but if they can put activist judges on the bench they can accomplish their socialist, humanist programs by coming through the back door.

Uh, Chuckie, there's only one small problem with all this.  Most of the judges who have been deciding in favor of discontinuing the life support are Republicans.  (See "Down with the judicial tyrants who are killing Terri Schiavo!: Oops -- most of them are Republican. Never mind." by Joe Conason Salon 03/25/05). 

A number of bloggers (at Daily Kos and other sites) have been commenting on the rightwing theme of defying the courts' authority and substituting mob rule in the Schiavo case.  This is the authoritarian side of today's Republican Party, which looks so much like the hardcores of the Southern Democratic Party during the segregation years.  Use the courts and the cops to impose the will of the White People's Party when you can;use mob rule and vigilante violence when that doesn't work.

Chuckie doesn't exactly advocate vigilante violence in this rant.  But by denouncing conservative Republican judges as atheist socialist agents of Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer, he's encouraging the mob-rule mentality.  For blowhard Southern white guys like Chuckie, this is no doubt a reminder of the good old days when men were men, wimmin were women and the "nigras" knew their place.

As unpopular as this grandstanding over the Schiavo case has been, nothing today's Radical Republicans do seems to be too extreme for Chuckie.  Heck, he even thinks Republican judges are socialists!

And speaking of the segregation days, Brother Jeb made a move in the Schiavo case that Ross Barnett or Orville Faubus would have been proud of: Fla. officials' attempt, fail to seize Schiavo by Carol Marbin Miller, Knight-Ridder 03/25/05.  State officials showed up to remove Terri Schiavo from the hospice in defiance of court orders.  Local law enforcement on the scene refused to let them in.  Jeb's storm troopers backed off.  (See also Steve Gilliard Going all in 03/26/05).

Like I've been saying, today's national Republican Party is the Southern Democratic Party of 40-50 years ago.  The Deep South states defied court orders on desegregation for years.  Now the Florida branch of the Bush dynasty is adopting the same John C. Calhoun approach to government.

Chuckie must be proud.


fdtate714 said...

I've seen quite a few comments in the media and the blogosphere theorizing that one of BushCo's goals in this, other than to placate the high-maintenance radical right-to-lifers, is to whip up support for his blocked judicial nominees.

It's interesting that some of the more "committed" holy warriors, no doubt influenced by the babblings of Randall Terry and Chucky and their ilk, have placed a bounty on the heads of Michael Schiavo and Judge Greer, attempted to steal a gun from a gun shop to use to free Terri Schiavo, let their own children be arrested attempting to take food and water to a woman that can't swallow, and kicked Judge Greer out of his church - among other acts.

A blogger, I forget who, suggested that one of the news crews camped out down there give us a wide shot of the crowd.  That way we can see if it's a large mob or a Saddam statue cluster.  We could also see what percentage of the crowd is actually protesting and what percentage is reporters.

bmiller224 said...

I think they probably did intend to use this to get publicity for their radical judges.

The problem (for the Reps) is that a big majority thought they went way out of line on this one.  And this will make it easier for the Democrats to argue that the more extreme judges should be blocked.

I try not to be over-optimistic.  But I think the Reps shot themselves in the foot on this one. - Bruce

fdtate714 said...

One can always hope!  And if they did, it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.