Friday, June 16, 2006

More respectful political dialogue from the Republicans

Taylor Marsh harshes on the Republicans for their cynical partisanship in their manner of "honoring the troops":  Ann Coulter Says Kill John Murtha 06/16/06.

He refers to Mad Annie's latest idea for dealing with antiwar Democratic Congressman John Murtha, that I discussed today at The Blue Voice in Mad Annie, respectable Republican lady 06/16/06.  Marsh writes:

What do Republicans think dissenting veterans deserve? They should be murdered by their own.

Via Peter Daou we get the latest installment of the stick shiksa's insanity. Only this time, not only did Ann enunciate how Republicans really feel about veterans, but she also gave us the bottom line when those vets turn out to be dissenting Democrats. The Republicans have done it time and again to soldiers, mostly through their policies, but now they've sent their spokesperson out to make it clear.

From The Generals to what Bush did to McCain, to what Ralph Reed did to Max Cleland, to what Karl Rove & Co. allowed to be done to John Kerry through the Swiftboat Veterans, the Republicans have proven they only like soldiers who are silent, serving their purposes, while standing up for whatever the Republicans say is right. They have proven their willingness to use soldiers for their own purposes, as well as stand them up for their photo ops.

The one person who not only personifies this theory but promotes it for the president is Ann Coulter, the darling of the Republican elite.

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