Saturday, June 24, 2006

Che tourism?

Apparently so.  According to this news article, Che Guevara tourism is flourishing in Bolivia.  Go figure:  La ruta del Che Guevara en Bolivia, un filón turístico: El 'Camino del che' tiene una longitud de 800 kilómetros El Mundo 24.06.06.

[The rouet of Che Guevara en Bolivia, a tourist gold mine:  The "Camino del Che" is 800 kilometers long]

"Camino del Che" could also be translated as the "Che Way".

I would never have the imagination to make stuff like this up.

The new Bolivian president, Evo Morales, invokes Che's name and imagery.  But, the article notes, the entrepreneurs who are capitalizing on the tourist potential don't even necessarily like what Guevera stood for.  They're just making the most of a market opportunity.

El Mundo reports that the excursions are a combination of leftwing pilgrimage and adventure/eco-tourism.

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