Thursday, April 13, 2006

A major cultural event - and I missed it!

Man, am I ticked at myself.  I thought tonight was the Will and Grace episode featuring Britney Spears.  But it turns out it was two weeks ago!

Here's how the episode guide at the Will and Grace Web site explains her part:

After a large corporation takes over OutTV, Jack's (Sean Hayes) talk show "JackTalk" is completely revamped. An immediate change comes when the new conservative owners hire Amber-Louise (guest star Britney Spears) as "JackTalk's" new co-host.

Fortunately, they do have a video segment up at the Web site.  It shows Amber-Louise talking to Jack on the set.  The new owners want him to make his show into rightwing talk, and he's not thrilled about it.  Amber-Louise tells him to ask some hard questions of the guests.  (Boo gets to use her natural charming Southern accent for the part.)  She tells him she doesn't want to torture the guests or anything. "Not that I'm totally against torture.  You know, sometimes it's the only way to get reliable information".

Then as Jack is about to stalk off, she gives him some advice.  She tells him he needs to compromise, like she did.  When he asks her what she means, she says:, "I'm 'on let you in on a little secret.  I'm not who you think I am.  My real name is Peg, and I'm a hardcore lesbian."

"I'm into leather play, butch black girls, skunkin', pullin' the blinds and poodle-ballin'.  Whatever you got, I'll eat it, snort it or ride it, baby!"

And she explains the blessings that compromise has brought her:  "Look at me.  I clear $165 a week.  I moved out of my storage unit.  I'm on TV.  I'm the freakin' dream!"

Indeed she is!

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