Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Note on Jason Leopold

In my immediately previous post, I linked without comment to a story by Jason Leopold about how Karl Rove had already received an indictment from the special prosecutor's office.

So far as I've seen, no mainstream news agency has confirmed this story.  Nor have bloggers who have their own independent sources on the case, like those at FireDogLake.

And apparently Leopold has something of a reputation that doesn't give everyone a high comfort level with the quality of his reporting.  See for instance Peter Daou's Jeff Gannon vs. Jason Leopold on the Rove 'Scoop' 05/16/06.

I'm sure that worries about Rove's legal status, among others', is a major element in Bush's political calculations at the moment.  But I wanted to mention that the Leopold story I linked might not be especially reliable.

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